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The Benedictine Complex

The Benedictine monastic complex, leaning against the city walls at the foot of the Fortress hill, was occupied by nuns from 1634 to 1807. Since then it was converted into a boarding school and then became the city school headquarters, keeping this function until the construction of the new school building. The Church and the attached monastery acquired for a period the denomination of St. Luigi after the transformation of the Convent into a youth aggregation Institute. Recently, the original designation has been restored. For several years, the complex hosted qualifying master degree courses organized by CIMBA (Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis), a consortium of 37 American universities.

The St. Pietro and Paolo Convent, built in the seventeenth century for the Benedictine nuns, contains a square cloister of extraordinary beauty. On each side of the front door there are frescoes depicting St. Pietro and Paolo.

The Fortress can be reached by walking up a 276 step path immersed in nature, through the medieval Col Marion door. Regarded as a symbol of Asolo, the Fortress is a massive building, with a polygonal ground plan and 4-meters thick/15-meter high walls, whose ancient origins are yet to be fully discovered.

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