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Gianfrancesco Malipiero

“At the top of the Fortress is feels as though you are at the top of a diamond, where every facet inspires an iridescent panorama.”

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Asolo, once defined by Giosue Carducci The City of a hundred horizons, is one of the most suggestive historical centers of Italy. Collected within the ancient walls branching out from the Fortress, a twelfth-century fortitude, it preserves in every glimpse, testimonies of its millennial history.

It is the site of poetry and elegance immersed in peaceful hills, Asolo was a coveted destination for poets and writers, artists and travelers which found inspiration and peace here. Among them, the English poet Robert Browning, the divine one of the theater Eleonora Duse, the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero, the English writer and traveler Freya Stark.

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